Courses, Credit, & Grading

Star Lane students earn the same credits as those offered in the traditional schools. The difference is that studies are interdisciplinary. English is integrated into scientific and social issues that are studied to great depth during month-long units. Students also incorporate multi-media technology into their research as well as their presentations and other products.  Advanced and Honors credits for some classes are also available.

Credit offered: 

9th Grade:

  • English/Language Arts I
  • Physical Science
  • U.S. History Comprehensive
  • Computer Applications

10th Grade:

  • English/Language Arts II
  • Biology
  • Modern U.S. History
  • Computer Science Principles

11th Grade:

  • English/Language Arts III
  • Biology 2
  • World History Overview
  • Exploring Computer Science



Students are graded on an individual basis. Students are evaluated on portfolios and presentations that provide evidence of learning in English, Science, Social Studies and Technology. Students are also assessed on their contribution to the group's effort. Students are never penalized for the poor work ethic of another group member.