How We Do It

Curriculum is embedded in a series of problems, issues, scenarios, ideas or concepts that are timely, relevant and, we hope, intriguing. We contact community members and/or professionals with expertise in fields related to our ideas to help us craft a problem that will lead students to the required high school subject matter. The experts also suggest what the final product should include and who should be the audience for the final presentation.

Language arts, science, and social studies

Star Lane students reach their academic goals in language arts, science, and social studies by working through the problems discussed above. Each problem spans the course of approximately a month. Skills and basic knowledge dictated by district standards are identified for each problem. By the end of the year, students have met the same standards as their peers in traditional classrooms.

Public speaking and communications

As Star Lane students interact with community experts and professionals they learn to be incredibly confident and mature in private conversation with adults. Additionally, as students culminate each study with a presentation to an audience of knowledgeable community members, they become effective public speakers.