Is This For Me?

Should I jump at this opportunity?

Are You Just Tolerating School?

That is a sad situation. Here is a chance to make every day more challenging and enjoyable.

You control how far to go

Star Lane Center provides a challenging, nurturing, comfortable place to learn for students who have excelled in the traditional setting as well as for those who have struggled in some way or another. Students with all kinds of interests and abilities who are ready to take on more responsibility at school will be successful at Star Lane. Each student is guided as far as he or she is willing to go. There are no limits.

Feel free to explore

Students are free to access information from people, companies, offices, libraries in our community as well as from more traditional sources such as in-house books and the Internet. Students may leave Star Lane to do research elsewhere according to a very strict set of sign out rules. Parents are consulted as to the amount of freedom their son or daughter will be allowed.

Sound intriguing?

Then Star Lane is for you.