What We Do

We connect high school subjects to the world and the workplace
We prepare young people for college, work, and community

Star Lane is a half-day program

Star Lane Center is a half-day program available to all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders in Natrona County. Students attend either a morning or an afternoon session. Students earn their academic credits in English, computer science, science, and social studies at Star Lane. Students take math and electives at their home school the other half of the day.

Students come together at Star Lane from all secondary schools in the district

If you are a student at Kelly Walsh, Midwest, NCHS, or Roosevelt, you may choose to attend Star Lane Center. Star Lane Center welcomes all students who are ready to take responsibility for their learning and who are welcome to jump into this active, challenging, and fun program.

We come together as a small, caring community of learners.

At any one time there are no more than 75 students at Star Lane. The small numbers allow us to get to know each other very, very well. Cliques are a rarity at Star Lane as students in all grade levels and from all schools work together. Teachers at Star Lane welcome students as partners in learning. Star Lane is a calm, caring and cozy place to learn.

Lectures are replaced with small, guided discussion groups

There are no classrooms or textbooks at Star Lane Center. Students work in small study groups of 8-12 students lead by a teacher. Guided small group discussions allow students to share and test knowledge and to confront misconceptions they may otherwise never question. Community professionals and other experts work with students to investigate local, national and global issues and professions.

Transportation is provided to and from all home schools

All transportation is provided by Natrona County School District #1

After school sports and activities are not affected by enrollment at Star Lane

Star Lane students participate in sports and all other extracurricular activities at their home school.